Kona Woofs Hello!

Hi all! Kona here, I am a 41/2 old black& white Shihtzu. I help my Mom with our company K9 Carry All. I hope you enjoy my adventures. I will be sharing my Pick of the Litter, toys,treats, a little of everything.I have 2 cats & a parakeet that live with me. Thomas is a Red Tabby & is 10. D.V. Is short for Darth Vader & a Guiness Brown that is 5. Mr. Blue or as Mom calls him Twitter. That bird is always singing & twittering. I wonder about that bird.
I live in Puyallup, Washington. It rains a lot here. Today is was cold enough to snow,but no such luck. I love to play in the snow. I hope we get some soon. We went to the Proctor Farmers Market today, I had my warm coat on but was still cold. I wish Mom had brought my blanket. She keeps talking about designing a heated cushion for my basket that is on my stroller. I hope she does it soon.We went into a really nice store called WAGS Pet Market at 2703 N. Proctor, Tacoma, Wa. It was nice to warm up. The nice lady played with me while my Mom looked around. We bought me new Merrick canned Dog food. Oh Ya,she gives you treats if your good. I want to let everyone know about up coming Events. If you have an Event you would like us to Woof about, please email my Mom at k9carryall@live.com. I always love to wag up a good Event. Did anyone get pictures with Santa? I would love to see them. I will put them up on our new website. I do hope everyone will tell me how they like our new website. I can’t wait to get to know everyone!
My tummy says it’s time for dinner & chase a cat time.
Woof & Wags to All!


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