Kona &Pluto at Epcot 2012

Hi, everyone! I am off once again & traveling. This time we are going to Orlando Florida. I brought my pal Pluto with me. We will be going to Epcot & I can’t wait. I have been to Disneyland many times but this is my first trip to Epcot. Mom says the plane ride is going to be a long one. I hope the airport that we stop at has a piddle spot for dogs. I have found a couple that do but most do not. Airports need to make piddle spots for dogs. Raise a paw if you agree! I was very sad to find out San Francisco Airport didn’t have any place to go. I hope they change that soon. Orlando & warm weather here we come. The Orlando Airport just outside the baggage claim has plenty of spots to go piddles. Thank goodness! Off to the Hotel for dinner & to play. Epcot tomorrow,Woo Hoo!

Me & Pluto just inside the front gates. Everything is so pretty. All of the flowers are wonderful.

I was surprised to see Lady & the Tramp there. They were very sweet & let me take a picture with them.

We stopped in to the Rose & Crown Pub. The Bangers & Mash are fabulous!

Marie was a very nice kitten. I gave her a lick on the nose. Pluto didn’t want to say hi! We left the United Kingdom & then headed to France. The topiaries all along the way are so pretty.

It is such a pretty day here. When we left Seattle it was very cold & maybe even snow. So glad we came to Florida. Dad is having a good time. He has found that every land we visit has a special beer & drink , food too. It has been a lot of fun finding out what each land has to offer. Germany has Oktoberfest going all the time. I didn’t think we would get Dad out of there. I looked for the Dachshund races but couldn’t find any. That was to bad.

Off to Italy. Pluto & I share a little bubbly at the fountain. The waiter was so nice. Very cute too.The really neat thing about Epcot is everyone that works there is from the country you visit.

Our day has been so much fun. I have walked my paws off today, but I would do it again in a heart beat. Epcot at night is so pretty. Some of the walk ways are a little dark, so Mom had to carry me. She didn’t want me to be stepped on. I was very happy when she picked me up. These paws needed a break. I will put more pictures up on Pinterest for all to see.

Next stop is Global Pet Expo 2012 so stay tuned.

Woofs & Wags
Kona & Pluto too!

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