Kona goes Easter Egg Hunting.


The 5 th Annual Dog-Gone Easter Egg Hunt was April 1,2012. Pet Connection Magazine had a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt for dogs & kids. It was for Charity. It benefits Feline Friends & Old Dog Haven. They had 2 dog egg hunts & 1 for kids. The dog egg hunts were fun. We got to take our Moms or Dads out on the field loaded with eggs. The only way the people could pick up the eggs was to have us pups touch the eggs with our nose first. It was a lot of fun. It was very chilly &it would try to rain every now &; then. As long as the wind didn’t blow it wasn’t to bad.
The Doggie Fashion Show was fun.

Everyone had fun dressing up. We even had Yoda show up.

This one I think is a kitty but I am not to sure. Any ideas?


Here are a few more pictures to enjoy?

It was fun going shopping at the different vendor tents. The nice ladies at the front table passed out goodie bags. One of my favorite things is a frisbee. Animal Planet Photography had put one in each bag.Woo! Hoo! One Spoiled Dog Treat Co. Also put samples of their chicken jerky in. Mom had to put up the bag cause I kept getting into it all by myself. Very bad, but oh so nummy.

It was fun to do the Easter Egg Hunt & I can’t wait for next year. Put March 31, 2013 on your calendar. That way you save the date.

Please check out the wonderful website http://www.petconnectionmagazine.com
All of the Sponsors & vendors are listed so please give them woofs & wags!

I will give you an update on all of the final numbers when they come in.

Happy Easter!






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