Kona’s Pick of The Litter!

Woof to All!

Kona’s Pick of The Litter will be my spot to review new products.

My pick this week will be Silly Squeakers.

They are so much fun!
They have 9 bottles to choose from.
There are 6 that look like beer or pop bottles, 2 that are wine bottles, & a champagne bottle.


I love the names of these Silly Squeakers!
Premium Drools Super Slobber Brew. 5% Slobber by Volume
Cataroma Extra
Premium Sniffer. HeinieSniff’n


Bark’s Woof Beer. Ye Olde Fashioned Good Tyme
Killer Bite
Mountain Drool


Now for our Wine group!
Drooler’s Selection
Pinot Noir
An engaging nose of blackberries, cherries and red currents
accented by a slobbery slew of spice. Firm,yet tame,this
wine will give your pooch a fresh and youthful step.

Crispaw Champion
Coiffure Du Chien
Imported by Dog Lovers Everywhere
12 oz. Slobber by Volume

For our last selection.


For more than 2 Decades, this dog has done nothing but
Lay around trying to understand why his owner goes out
Into the mountains and hillsides to pick grapes every day.
Take a break and relax.

These toys are for any size pup. You may have to grab on the neck of the bottle if you have a little mouth. That’s what I have to do but they are so fun to squeak. Your pet human will have fun throwing the bottles for you to go fetch.
I found these at Global Pet Expo in Florida. On the way home the airport TSA had to give each one a big squeeze cause they thought they were real. BOL!

We are caring them here at http://k9carryall.com
They aren’t on our website yet but we do have them in stock.
Just email me at k9carryall@live.com and place your order.

Happy Squeaking Everyone!

Woofs & Wags!


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