Dog Days of Summer 2012

Woofs & Wags from Kona’s Corner!

I had such fun last Friday, August 17th.
Destination Harley,in Tacoma, Wa., had a great event. Dog Days of Summer was a pup party.

It was so fun meeting new biker pups. The Harley shop was even decorated just for our party.

They had an agility course to see who could do it the fastest. Duffy won that one.

Most amazing trick was Goliath. I didn’t get to see him do his trick. They must have been doing it during the agility course.
Best Dog Biker Outfit. Was Missy

I liked Missy’s chaps. I think I need to have my Mom make me a pair.
The last category was best dressed. It was me! I was so shocked! It was great ! I even got a goodie bag with a cute squeaky tire toy & a oil can. The oil can is for poody bags. I will put this in the saddle bags on the bike. It will come in very handy for the humans. Hee! Hee!

Destination Harley was so nice to everyone. They had treats for pups & people too.


I had to check all the treats out. Lookin good!
This was the 2nd Annual Dog Days of Summer. Destination Harley gave part of the nights sales to the Dugan Foundation. They assist existing non-profit organizations to shelter,adopt, and care for homeless companion animals in Tacoma and Pierce County. I do hope when they have it again next year we will see everyone again.




Everyone had a terrific time!

I found the bike for me! The nice big back seat was just my size. I hope I can talk Dad into one of these.

Here is a link for more photos of the event. jMGHFW

From your Biker Dog



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