Spark & Hustle Seattle 2013

On April 22 & 23 Spark & Hustle Seattle was the place to be. Tory Johnson had a great line up of women for all of us to learn from. Mom & I had a great time connecting with other ladies with their own businesses. It was pretty neat all the ladies that sat at our table seemed to all have pet related businesses. It wasn’t planned either.


This years Spark & Hustle went for a day & a half. It was really nice to get to know the ladies. It was easier spending that much time with them. It was great having everyone give my ears a good scratch. I gave a lot of puppy snuggles for the ladies who missed their own pups.

Alex Hall is one of my favorite people that is always with Tory. I had fun sitting with her for a little while when she was manning the registration table. I was ready to lend a paw if she needed it!
Spark & Hustle is a great way to learn from other women how to get your business up & going from ladies who have been there. Here are a few from the Seattle area.


Jane Park, CEO and Founder of Julep
Jane Park is an entrepreneur and leading national expert in beauty and color trends. She started Julep in 2007 to reinvent the nail salon experience by offering toxin-free nail polish and products that allow women to connect and inspire each other in beauty and fashion. Jane’s insider beauty tips have been featured in publications such as Redbook, Oprah Magazine, Us Weekly, Allure and Vogue. Prior to launching Julep, Jane was an executive at Starbucks, and also worked with the preeminent global strategy-consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group. In addition to Julep’s online business and Maven subscription service, Jane also operates four Julep nail parlors in the Seattle area. @JulepMaven @JaneParkJulep

Sharelle Klaus, Founder and CEO of DRY Soda
Sharelle started to develop DRY Soda in early 2005 when she became inspired to create a beverage that tasted good and was better for her health and the health of her family. DRY’s first four flavors were offered in the nation’s finest restaurants before the company expanded into retail distribution. Today, DRY’s seven all-natural flavors are available in DRY’s Tasting Room and Company Store, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, resorts and boutiques throughout the United States and Canada. @DRYSoda @CEODRY

Jean Thompson, Owner and CEO of Seattle Chocolates
Jean Thompson recognized the untapped potential of Seattle Chocolates and when she took over as CEO, she implemented a turnaround strategy to make chocolate an everyday indulgence. Jean combined her management and leadership skills with creative vision and a lifelong love of chocolate to position Seattle Chocolates as one of the leading manufacturers of all-natural truffles, dessert shells, truffle bars and chocolates in the industry. Since taking over the company, Jean has grown the Seattle Chocolates team from 35 to 50 employees, tripled its sales and overseen its expansion into a new, 65,000-foot production and warehouse facility.

It was wonderful to listen to all the advise & stories from these local ladies.
There was companies that had tables to promote & sell their products which was fun. We all had fun shopping. Mom bought a bone with sparkles on it to put on my collar. It was from Cookie Lee. Very pretty! Now that I think of it she still has it on her bracelet. Hmmm

Miss Jenn Lee is wonderful! She is one hyper lady! If I didn’t know better I would swear she was part pup. She just goes & goes! She gave everyone her signature ducky. this time they were Rock Star Ducks,cause that’s what she says we are. If you want your business to move to the next level she is the one to do it! Here is a little more about her.

Jenn Lee, Coach Jenn Lee
National Speaker, Small Business Advisor, Media Commentator and Life Coach Jenn Lee isn’t letting anyone or anything stop her from helping women entrepreneurs get busy in their business, get real about their plan, and get GOing towards their GOals! Right to the point with a good dose of humor, Jenn’s Go-Getter attitude and creative strategies quickly landed her a regular spot on Orlando’s FOX Morning show, a regular guest on BLOG talk radio shows and has been featured in publications like Redbook, CBS MoneyWatch, Entrepreneur and SUCCESS Magazine and was recognized as A Woman to Watch by Orlando Womens’ Magazine. @CoachJennLee

She was so nice to take a picture with Mom & me!
There is still a few Spark & Hustle events left. You should find one near you & go.
Please check out the website. There is all kinds of info for you on it.


We can’t wait for you to come back again next year!
Thank you Tory Johnson for a wonderful event!

Woofs & Wags
from your Sparkette !


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