Take Your Dog To Work Day

Hi, everybody!

How many of you got to go to work with your Fur Mom or Dad last Friday ?

I wanted to go to work with my Dad but he said I couldn’t cause I didn’t have the right badge. I tried to tell him I would be good & wear my Service vest & dog tags. I had even just had a spa day so I was spotless for the clean room but still nope. Mom said that all was good & I needed to be at K9 Carry All anyway. So off to sewing leashes I went.


It was fun. I had to check the rolls of webbing to make sure they didn’t have anything wrong. I really like the colors. This webbing is for Freshpet . They are having a big promotion for Made In The USA & our leashes fit perfectly for it.


I am a little small to be able to sew the leashes together. I tried to get DV the cat to push on the foot petal to make the sewing machine work but he is to lazy. He wanted to just watch the needle go up & down. He was lucky I didn't catch his tail during the sewing of the leash.


My day went quickly with Mom & Lyndsey hard at work too! We had a fun day!
I would love to hear about & see all of your adventures for Take You Dog To Work Day.
Go to my Fan Page on Facebook with your pictures. http://Facebook.com/k9carryall4


Time to get back to work!

Woofs & Wags


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