Wordless Wednesday #42




Barkworld 2013 ! Here I come!

Hi All!

I am so excited!
Mom & I are off to Barkworld tonight. Mom is busy finalizing what is to be packed. I am rather concerned. I know I get to go but I am not seeing my things being packed. I think I had better help Mom & get what I want together.

Darth Vader the cat decided he was going to be snoopy & see what I was doing. D.V.was not a happy camper when I told him I got to go & he didn’t . If you notice he was giving me the D.V. Death glare. That cat is to funny! B.O.L.! I will be nice & bring him back some kitty goodies.

Okay, I think I have what I need. Hair bows ,pajamas & Pluto ,Check! Do you notice a theme to what I have packed?

I am so honored to be going as a Nutrish Advocate to Bark world!
What is Nutrish ,you ask? It is my favorite dog food! I have a ton of allergies so it is very hard for me to find a dog food I can &/or will eat. Please check out all the info.


On Friday night it is Pawty time! Raise a paw! Come by & say hi! It will be really cool. The first 50 Fur Moms or Dads can come & paint a special ceramic pet bowl . I need to remind Mom to get there early. I think it will be Pawsome to have one. Nutrish is even having goodies for everyone. Pups included. Lots of treats too!

You need to check out the new Zero Grain Formula. It is rated 4 stars by Dog Food Advisor.


Rachael’s proceeds go to Rachael’s Rescue. It is so terrific the way so many pups are helped!

• Nutrish is sending me to BarkWorld

I’ll be posting updates throughout the weekend and will share a recap with you when we arrive home. Please follow along on Twitter for all things Barkworld. On Twitter follow me @k9carryall.

Stay tuned for a special Nutrish coupon offer following BarkWorld.

• In the meantime, you can learn about Nutrish here: http://nutrish.rachaelray.com

I will be back soon with all kinds of new info so stay tuned!

Woofs & Wags!



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Rachael Ray Nutrish. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As always, thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors.

Happy Birthday to me!

Hi Everybody!

Today is a very special day!

It is my Birthday! Mom asked what I wanted to do today. I wanted to have a party but most of my pals are all far away. Which is a bummer. So what better way to be able to include every body then to have a sale. Mom made a special coupon code for our website. http://www.k9carryall.com. The code you need to use is KONA2013 & it is good until 7/21/2013

I am very excited! I get to wear my wonderful party dress. Please stop over to my Facebook page & say hi! Http://Facebook.com/k9carryall4.

Time to have lunch & a pup cake!

Woofs & Wags!



I Won! I Won! I can’t believe I Won!

Hi everybody!
I am so excited! Mom entered me in a photo contest & I Won !
Please check out the great blog all about it.

Mom sent in my favorite picture!

Mom got the mail yesterday & the big box was for me. I can’t believe my prize is here already.
I had a great time opening it all by my self.

The box was a strong one it took me a good while to get into it.

I was working real hard. So hard I needed a break. I’m pooped.

My jaws & teeth got a terrific workout.

I was finally able to get the box open! I am so excited to see all my new goodies!

I sure showed that box who was boss! Hee!Hee!
Mom unzipped the back pack cause everything was inside of it. I had fun giving it a thorough going over. It is really cool! I get to take it with me to Superzoo next week. It is fully insulated & will keep my dog food nice & cold while we are in Las Vegas. It has been very hot there.

My prize had the travel bowl that you can make really small by folding it & then zipping it shut. Also a Good Life Gear Pet Water bottle. They included a EZ- Freeze Stay Fit Lunch Chiller. It is really neat. You put it in the freezer & it will keep things nice & cold. A new batch of poodie bags in a bone shaped carrier. And the bestest thing I saved for last is a coupon for Frosty Paws Frozen Treats for dogs. I get to go shopping on top of all the goodies too! It is so fun cause everything has the Frosty Paws Logo on it! I am packing it and heading to Vegas Baby!

Maybe I will stop by Frosty Paws & tell them Thank You!
Thank you again to WelcomePup.com for having a great contest! Make sure you stop by their website & tell them Kona sent you!

Stay tuned to more of my adventures!

Woofs & Wags!