I Won! I Won! I can’t believe I Won!

Hi everybody!
I am so excited! Mom entered me in a photo contest & I Won !
Please check out the great blog all about it.

Mom sent in my favorite picture!

Mom got the mail yesterday & the big box was for me. I can’t believe my prize is here already.
I had a great time opening it all by my self.

The box was a strong one it took me a good while to get into it.

I was working real hard. So hard I needed a break. I’m pooped.

My jaws & teeth got a terrific workout.

I was finally able to get the box open! I am so excited to see all my new goodies!

I sure showed that box who was boss! Hee!Hee!
Mom unzipped the back pack cause everything was inside of it. I had fun giving it a thorough going over. It is really cool! I get to take it with me to Superzoo next week. It is fully insulated & will keep my dog food nice & cold while we are in Las Vegas. It has been very hot there.

My prize had the travel bowl that you can make really small by folding it & then zipping it shut. Also a Good Life Gear Pet Water bottle. They included a EZ- Freeze Stay Fit Lunch Chiller. It is really neat. You put it in the freezer & it will keep things nice & cold. A new batch of poodie bags in a bone shaped carrier. And the bestest thing I saved for last is a coupon for Frosty Paws Frozen Treats for dogs. I get to go shopping on top of all the goodies too! It is so fun cause everything has the Frosty Paws Logo on it! I am packing it and heading to Vegas Baby!

Maybe I will stop by Frosty Paws & tell them Thank You!
Thank you again to WelcomePup.com for having a great contest! Make sure you stop by their website & tell them Kona sent you!

Stay tuned to more of my adventures!

Woofs & Wags!